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ACE's stands for “Adverse Childhood Experiences.” ACEs can effect children for a lifetime. For example, there is an association between ACEs and substance use, involvement with the criminal justice system, and mental health symptoms and diagnoses.

How we can reduce ACEs and the effects of them:

Creating resilience is key. Schools can help create resilience by teaching students how to appropriately respond to stress. Regulating Distress Online Course

Empowerment buffers the effects of ACEs. The latest Minnesota Student Survey results show that when students have less empowerment, they have more suicidal ideation and marijuana use. How do we empower students? The answer is that staff need to be coached on how to show students they care.

Having parents complete this questionnaire can provide them with insight about what their children and they have experienced themselves, possibly creating a desire for change. Students can also complete this questionnaire. What is my ACEs score

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