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MCICC Introduction

Morrison County Interagency Coordinating Council 

Whereas the purpose of the MCICC is:

To strengthen the network of prevention, early identification, and intervention services for children, youth, and families in Morrison County. This will be accomplished through building on the assets and strengths already in existence in our community.  We believe building on assets will decrease the individual and community deficits.  The MCICC Family Services Collaborative will serve all organizations, families, and community members.

Providing leadership for community collaborative efforts and serving all organizations, families, and community members. Our direction and services will be a shared effort by direct service providers and consumers.  This will benefit children, youth, and families by:

Identifying current services available; identifying and making recommendations to appropriate agencies concerning strengths and needs in the system of service delivery. Specific goals and objectives to  achieve the above stated purpose shall be established on an annual basis.

Whereas the vision of the MCICC is:                                                                                                                              

MCICC members work together to ensure success for every family in Morrison County.

Whereas the mission of the MCICC is:

A family services collaborative of schools and agencies that exist to support the healthy development of children, teens and families by developing and implementing collaborative sustainable strategies through public and private joint service ventures.


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