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Tri-County Community Action
At TCC, we recognize that parenting can be both rewarding and challenging. Most families need occasional support and assistance in child rearing, regardless of their resources and circumstances.

Early Head Start
Early Head Start helps families identify and use their individual family strengths to support and nurture their children, so that the family can develop to its fullest potential.
What is Early Head Start?
Early Head Start is a family centered program for income-eligible pregnant women and families with infants and toddlers under the age of three. Program participants will be matched with an Early Head Start home visitor who will meet with the family on a weekly basis. They are professionals with education and experience in early childhood development.
Early Head Start families receive:
-One and one-half hour home visits per week, 48 per year.
-Two half-day socializations per month, 24 per year
-Two parent conferences per year
-Nutrition, health, & safety education for pregnant women and help locating community resources

Head Start
Head Start has been available to children ages three to five and families in Crow Wing, Morrison, and Todd counties for 35 years. It is a quality child development program for children and a pathway to self-sufficiency for families. There is no cost to families who are accepted in the program. Applications are accepted throughout the year.
What is Head Start?
The Head Start mission states: “The Head Start Program is based on the premise that all children share certain needs, and that children of low-income families, in particular, can benefit from a comprehensive developmental program to meet those needs.”This means Head Start provides an environment that supports the healthy growth & development of each child in the context of the child’s family, culture, and community. Parents/guardians are partners in their child’s Head Start experience. Staff works with families to build on their strengths, developing respectful relationships, and strengthening their connection with the community.
Who is Eligible for Head Start?
-Income eligible families with children ages three to five
-Families living in Crow Wing, Morrison, and Todd counties
-Children with special needs (see what is considered a special need)

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