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Parenting the Love and Logic way

This course in parenting is designed to

give you practical skills that can be used immediately with children of all ages.

Please call 320-631-0402 or email  

All classes are free.

What is Early Childhood Screening?

All children should be screened between the ages of 3 and 4 years of age by their school district. Screening is a snapshot of your child's development, provided at no cost by your school district. Screening is FREE of charge and takes about an hour to complete. 

Help Me Grow

Help Me Grow Minnesota connects families to resources that help young children develop, learn and grow.

Call 320-632-0246 or 1-866-693-4769

What is Early Intervention? 

Do you have concerns about the development of your child but are unsure who to ask? Your local school district provides free services! 

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Circle of Parents

Raising children to be the best they can be, is not always easy. 

Circle of Parents provides a safe place to share successes and challenges with other parents and caregivers. 

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