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Physical and Mental Health

MCICC has contracted with Northern Pines to provide practitioner-based mental health services on-site at each of the five school districts. Currently, we have 3 Northern Pines staff at Pioneer Elementary and Healy High School, 2 Northern Pines staff at Royalton Elementary and Royalton High School, 2 Northern Pines staff at Little Falls schools and 1 staff who shares a position at Swanville School and Upsala Schools.

Please contact Northern Pines Mental Health- 320-632-6647 or your school district to receive school-based mental health services.


Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can affect children for a lifetime. For example, there is an association between ACEs and substance use, involvement with the criminal justice system, and mental health symptoms and diagnoses. We have learned that how we respond to children and adults who have high ACE scores is important to developing relationships, and academic and career success.

Morrison County Child and Family Services

  • WIC

  • Maternal and Child Health Visiting

  • Child Passenger Safety (car seats)

  • Follow Along Program

  • SNAP

  • Child and Teen Checkups

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Hands of Hope provides free and confidential services for those affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and general crime in Morrison and Todd counties.

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MACMH provides free resources, educational opportunities and family coaching services designed to help parents and caregivers support both their children’s mental health as well as their own.

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Oasis Central Minnesota provides emergency housing in a motel setting and case management to individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

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Northern Pines Mental Health

Our continuing goal is to have mental health care be viewed as a normal part of health care maintenance. Recovery, mental health and productive contentment IS possible!

Greater Minnesota Family Services is an organization assisting individuals, children, and families who need help with emotional and social problems and other conflicts in life that make daily living difficult rather than rewarding.

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Motley Food Shelf

Arrows Family Service offers programs designed to help children and families repair, rebuild, reconnect, and restore relationships for a healthier future. 

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Fare for All

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