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Welcome to the Morrison County Family Connections Website


Parenting is rewarding and challenging!  Parents need resources to be supported and informed as they move their children through the maze of growing up. Morrison County Family Connections website is here to provide information and connections to supports in Morrison County.

Morrison County Family Connections is supported by the Local Child Abuse Prevention Council (MCCPT).  The Council exists to support parents and caregivers in Morrison County with positive supports and resources.  The Council is a non-profit group support by the Morrison County United Way and the Radiothon to End Child Abuse.

MEMBER AGENCIES servicing on the Council include:  Little Falls Police, Little Falls Community Schools, Morrison County Public Health, Morrison County Social Services, Pierz School District, MCICC, TCC, Hands of Hope, Morrison County Attorney’s Office, Central MN Community Correction, Family Medical Center, Morrison County Juvenile Justice Program, and Greater Minnesota Family Services.

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